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The Classic Revival - BlackBerry
08 Feb 15

BlackBerry Classic

There was a time in South Africa when owning a BlackBerry cell phone was the only choice when choosing a smartphone for the socially concerned. BlackBerry offered its users status, cutting edge technology and of course free BBM.

Of course the honeymoon which BlackBerry enjoyed in South Africa was called to an abrupt end when the smartphone manufacturer couldn't offer its users what they most wanted (at the time it must have been the iPhone). Samsung, Sony, HTC and even LG stepped in to fill the gap which BlackBerry seemed reluctant to fill. That was also right about when Cell C, Vodacom and MTN started creating smartphone tariff packages to meet the needs of the new generation of cell phone. That was when BBM started to become less of a unique selling point in the smartphone market because tariff deals came pre-attached with data anyway. BlackBerry now seemed less fancy, the social elite wanted "cooler” devices.

That was the outcome for a long time in South Africa – BlackBerry sales plummeted, that is until the very recent launch of the BlackBerry Classic.

The BlackBerry Classic takes things right back to the drawing board. It is a familiar phone. BlackBerry Classic is simply a revival of what originally worked for them, and it is working again. We have seen high demand for the BlackBerry Classic on Phonefinder, the phone is making a classic revival.

Why is the BlackBerry Classic making such a positive comeback?

We are uncertain, however it is clear that the device is soundly made. With a keyboard-touch screen combination (seldom available from the competitors), a speedy 1.5GHz quad core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of on-board memory and a key focus on security, well it’s clear that BlackBerry have created a phone worthy of anyone’s pocked.

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