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The legend of Phil - Phonefinder's hero
26 Aug 14
Phil Phonefinder

The legend of Phil

The SIM-card legends say that a savior would come to South Africa in a time of clutter and confusion, when citizens would need a guiding hero to help them compare cell phone contract deals.

Today there are over 3000 unique cell phone contracts on the market. Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom Mobile, Axxon Mobile, MrP Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Red Bull Mobile are all fighting to offer the best deals on the market.

Who can answer the call "which is the best deal for me?” Phil can.

Phil is the result of a freak electrical surge which traveled up a charging cell phone. The jolt of electricity brought life to a once lifeless cell phone. Armed with the knowledge of a thousand deals, impeccable hair and a green tie; Phil knew that he was ready to start comparing cell phone deals.

Phil's Philosophy: Always Phil good. Always be helpPhil.

Phil made his debut appearance on Phonefinder's instructional video and has since taken residence in Phonefinder’s cell phone world – always ready to assist the next South African in need of a cell phone contract.

So if you are in need of a new contract deal, the latest cell phone accessories, or if your phone is in need of repair – be sure to look out for Phil on www.phonefinder.co.za

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