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14 Apr 16
The original and free cell phone deal finder site in SA

Meet Phil. Phil is the mascot behind South Africa’s top performing cell phone contract comparison website, Phonefinder.

Phil Phonefinder

Phonefinder is the original phone contract comparison website, and remains the only website in South Africa where a consumer can (within moments, and service charge free) find the ideal cell phone contract for his or her budget and needs.

Phonefinder does this by partnering with all of the cell phone Network Service provider’s in South Africa, from the big networks including Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom to the smaller guys such as Smart Mobile and Mobiles Plus. By partnering with everyone Phonefinder is able to display the widest range of cell phone deals at any given moment, not to mention stay truly neutral. This allows visitors the right to make an informed decision based on free choice (and of course a free comparison).

A comparison is over in just a few minutes. Visitors can find their ideal package by filtering away the clutter until they are left with the perfect phone and price plan to meet their budget and needs.

Let Phil show you how it works. Watch the Phonefinder video

Once a deal is found and a contact form is submitted then Phonefinder sends your details directly to the service providers call center where a call center agent is prompted to call you and go through the sales process.

See the most popular chosen deals. Popular Data Deals. Popular Voice Deals.

Every month Phonefinder assists over 150 000 customers browse over 8 000 unique cell phone offerings.

Phonefinder works unlike any other cell phone contract saving offerings in South Africa. In fact Phonefinder works very similarly to a flight comparison website where the ideal flight-fair can be selected down to the airline, day and time. On Phonefinder (where they compare cell phone contracts instead of flights) every possible deal combination is listed and tagged according to its deal-features (device, minutes, data, SMS, price). By using a few filter options the visitor can find the ideal package based on price, device, minutes, data and SMS.

So the power really is in the hands of the consumer on Phonefinder.

Phonefinder and Phil

The site is working towards becoming a one stop shop. Currently Phonefinder offers cell phone repairs as well as Value Added Services such as music facilities, MagZone, WiFi Hotspotter and cell phone insurance.

Let Phil know how you feel about Phonefinder, mail phil@phonefinder.co.za

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