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The Phonefinder app of the month - CrashDetech
04 Aug 16


CrashDetech is going to be the best, most useful and most recommended app you will have loaded on your smartphone. We are confident in saying that.

CrashDetech was developed for one reason – to make your driving experience a safer one. Since there is an average of 47 road fatalities per day in South Africa (just take a moment to let that sink in) – there is a huge need for a device that will make your time on the road just a little bit safer. If you think about the fact that South Africa is one of the world’s most dangerous countries in which to drive then you will agree that you and your loved ones need a safety net.

What better safety net than a device you never leave home without! Your cell phone.

CrashDetech is a smartphone application that runs silently in the background of your phone. It automatically detects serious vehicle crashes and reduces emergency response times by pinpointing the crash location. It also ensures appropriate medical attention by providing vital patient information.

CrashDetech does all of this automatically and instantly in the unfortunate incident of a crash.

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