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The Problem With The SIM Card
08 Mar 15

Is it time to say goodbye to the SIM card? Most manufacturers and world Networks say yes, after all "subscriber identity modules” aka SIM cards have just recently turned 25 years old

You may be asking yourself "why even bother? My phone works just fine”. Well it’s not entirely about their ability to store data on your cell phone, SIM cards you see are vulnerable to data theft, and as your cell phone becomes more of a portable computer it will start to store more and more sensitive and private information. Your phone after all is the keeper of all your personal information. You might have heard about recent claims against US and UK intelligence agencies who were reported to have stolen millions on SIM card security keys which would potentially be used to spy on calls. 

SIM cards were invented to solve one problem: transferring data from one phone to another in a private and secure way. Back in the days when SIM cards were invented people mostly shared cell phones. Cell phones were big hefty devices. Imagine how useful a SIM card was: If you rented a car back in the days you could rent a cell phone (these were shoe-box in size machines), you could insert your private SIM card and have access to all of your numbers. Then simply return the phone without your SIM card. Simple, elegant, effective. 

However today your smartphone is, like we mentioned above, the keeper of all your personal information. There needs to be stronger protective measurements to accessing your phone, the SIM card cannot be the answer to see us into the future.


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