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The South African Mobile Industry: 4 pretty cool stats
03 Aug 14

The South African Mobile Industry: 4 pretty cool stats

With a mobile market penetration of 128% (that’s right, more than 100%) it is very clear that cell phones matters big time in South Africa.

The below information was made possible thanks to the (MMASA) and the South African Audience Research Foundation’s AMPS (All Media and Products Survey), whose 2013 data collection published gems of information.

1. Marketer’s paradise

There are 37.2 million adults in South Africa (aged 15+). Marketers can reach 36 million of them through a cell phone in a household. In fact Marketers can reach 97% of their intended audience through cell phones.

2. A Cell phone for every pocket

On average every household has 2.4 phones – that’s over 32.2m individual cellphone owners in South Africa!

3. Data Shmata

39% of all adult phone owners do not use data. SMS is still king in South Africa. However Data is quickly growing thanks to affordable price options from Cell C, MTN and Vodacom.

4. Better on the small screen

When it comes to following news and trends it seems that we South Africans love the small screen.

1. 29% : 127 minutes of daily screen time one smartphones

2. 27% : 115 minutes on Television

3. 29% : 126 minutes on Laptop

4. 15% : 63 minutes on Tablet

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