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The Tech Report catches up with Phonefinder
19 Jan 14
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Last week Wednesday (15 January 2014) Phonefinder's Lance Krom was lucky enough to be interviewed by the lovely Mabale Moloi for her television show The Tech Report.

The Tech Report is your roundup of everything you need to know about the wonderful world of tech and is available in South Africa on eNCA (DStv channel 403) and in the UK on SKY channel 518 at these times (CAT): Thurs 21:30, Fri 10:30, Sat 13:30, Sun 18:30, Mon 22:30 and Tues 12:30.

The Phonefinder interview will be released sometime in March.

Below is a sneak peak of what is in store.

Mabale: How does Phonefinder work?

Lance: Phonefinder works by letting consumers quickly and effortlessly search, compare and select the cell phone offering which best suits their pocket.

And Phonefinder works because it is so simple.

We simply list every cell phone contract deal that is on offer in South Africa. Remember, we are not selling cell phone contracts, we stay neutral – we simply list deals which are on offer from all retailers.

The list of retailers includes all Networks (Cell C, Vodacom, MTN. Soon we will list Telkom Mobile and Virgin Mobile). Remember that we also list every service provider’s offering that includes Nashua Mobile, Altech cellular, Bayport, Real People etc. By listing every deal available we strive to provide a comprehensive comparative-website.

Phonefinder works because we took the time to create a great user experience, a user experience which South African’s deserve.

South African's can now, from the comfort of their own homes, search cell phone deals by offerings such as price, data, SMS, minutes and device. This allows one to compare over 2000 deals in seconds, finding the perfect deal to fit your pocket.

Mabale: How did the idea for this service come about?

Lance: Phonefinder, like most good ideas was born from a real life problem and real life frustrations.

I was living in London for a number of years and when I returned to S.A I needed a cell phone contract.

Now I don’t have to tell you about the frustration of finding the perfect deal to suit your pocket. We’ve all been there. But I knew there was a solution because it existed in London.

So I got the first cell deal that came my way, called up my friend and we met to jot down the beginning stages of Phonefinder. Well the team grew from there, and the idea evolved and grew with the team.

Mabale: Is it really possible for Phonefinder to list every single deal available in South Africa?

Lance: Yes. The service has been automated for us thanks to really clever programming. As long as the Service Providers update us with their deals we will be able to upload them in seconds.

Remember, we don’t sell deals; we assist service providers in advertising and displaying their deals to a net savvy and money savvy marketplace.

Mabale: What are the different deals I will be able to search for using Phonefinder (phones, modems, tablets, laptops etc.)?

Lance: Well we list all data and voice deals. Depending on the service providers and networks packages you will find phones of various brands, modems, SIM only deals, tablets, laptops…

We are extending the service to also feature deals on phone accessories such as covers, mini speakers etc. As well as offering the best cell phone insurance packages.

Mabale: Aside from comparing deals, do you offer any other services or extras on the site?

Lance: Well the insurance offerings and cell phone accessory store is on the way.

We will also be launching a community feature where cell phone devices can be rated and compared.

Aside from that we have some really cool ideas in the pipeline which I would like to keep a secret for now.

But we do have a really fun Facebook page which is run by Phil, the Phonefinder mascot.

The page is really fun and should keep you entertained – I recommend you go have a look.

Mabale: What kind of information will I be required to submit in order to use Phonefinder?

Lance: Just your contact details. This is important so that the service provider who owns the deal can contact you.

We do not sell off Phonefinder, so we do not require banking details or anything like that.

Mabale: How has the service been received since you launched?

Lance: It’s been really great. People who have found us seem to really like the service; we can see that from our return traffic as well as the length of time people spend on the site, not to mention the amount of forms being filled out.

Mabale: Are there plans to expand your services?

Lance: Yes, of course – besides making Phil a South African celebrity there are also cool competitions launching soon. We would like to keep the majority of our growing services quite for now, we want to release them as fresh ideas, the likes of which have never been seen in South Africa before.


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