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The Trick to Saving on Mobile Data Costs
27 Sep 17

The Trick to Saving on Mobile Data Costs


Today, mobile data is one of the most important aspects of owning a Smartphone. We need it for all the fun stuff we like to do on our Smartphones like browsing on social media, playing those great games, downloading or streaming music and videos or just chatting with friends on family. That feeling when you run out of data could make even a grown man cry, so we thought we’d help you with some great tips to save your precious data and make it stretch for you. 

Figure Out How Much Data You Really Need


Whether you’re a prepaid user or contract subscriber, it helps to know what your monthly data usage is. This will help you plan better so that you choose the best mobile data deal to keep you connected without having to fork out more money on data during the month. You can use a mobile data calculator to help with your planning or you can monitor your monthly usage to get a good idea of the amount of data you’ll need every month. 

Mobile Data Limits and Alerts Are Your Best Friends


A great way to monitor your data usage is by setting limits and alerts. Doing this lets you stay on top of things, knowing when you’re close to reaching your limit and avoiding exceeding it. You can set limits and alerts on most smartphones by going into settings and finding the mobile data/cellular option or you can download an app that will do the same job for you.

Always Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible


These days Wi-Fi can be a life saver, or in this case a data saver. A good habit to get into is checking for and connecting to trusted and available Wi-Fi networks, so that you can preserve your mobile data. There are also Wi-Fi hotspot services you could subscribe to, like the Value-Added Service Phonefinder has partnered with, Always Connect, which gives you access to hotspots around the country. 

Restrict Background Data

Background Data 

One of the biggest culprits that uses up your mobile data unnecessarily are the beloved apps you’ve downloaded. Where possible, turn off the background data of your apps so that when you’re not using them they don’t use your data for updates or syncing. 

Browsing Habits Matter

Browsing Habits 

Consider using apps like Opera Mini as your mobile browser, which is designed to use less data. Another good thing to keep in mind is viewing mobile sites instead of the desktop versions when browsing on your smartphone, desktop versions require a lot more data. You should also get into the habit of updating apps and downloading large files when connected to a Wi-Fi network whenever possible. 

If you follow these tips, you should start seeing some great results after a month. Remember, it typically takes about 21 days for a good habit to form so a month really is all you need to turn your mobile data usage habits around and avoid unplanned and unnecessary data expenses.

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