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Top 5 Antivirus Apps for Your Mobile Phone in 2019
31 Jan 19

Top 5 Antivirus Apps

When surfing the web on your smart phone, it’s always helpful (helpPhil) to have a lifeguard on hand (literally… since it will be on your cell phone!).

When it comes to your personal laptop it seems far easier to know what to look for in an antivirus programme to protect your personal information (and perhaps some shady internet search history too). However, when it comes to finding useful antivirus software for your smartphone your local app store will be full of security apps, many of which you may never have heard of, and all of them claiming to be the best! But are they really?

Many apps claiming to be the best at cleaning your phone may, in fact, be adding harmful ad-ware (or spy-ware) onto your device. So,before you let me know what you think I’m "Phil” of, let me walk you through some of the top names in antivirus apps for your mobile phone in 2019.

1 - Avast Mobile Security

Kicking off our list is a favourite for setting the 2018 mobile safety standard. The free version of Avast Mobile Security has a number of anti-theft features, such as call blocking (secures your phone and helps you avoid your crazy ex!) and what anti-virus would be worth its salt without a firewall? This app also allows you to remotely lock or wipe your phone, in the case that it grows legs and wanders off with a new owner.

The one downside to this app is that you have to put up with adverts interrupting your virus scan. Well, as they say, "nothing for mahala”. You could always sign up for the "Avast Ultimate Bundle”, which not only gets rid of the adverts, but also throws in a VPN (Virtual Private Network), an "in-app locking” feature (which will have your phone ask you for a PIN before opening certain apps), system clean-up, and password management.

Safety for your phone

2 - Bitdefender Antivirus Free

This antivirus software has defended (see what I did there?) its reputation as a trusted brand for a good few years now. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they are holding their own in the mobile arena as well. Bitdefender’s app is easy to set up and good to go as soon as it has been installed – no additional configuration needed.

Bitdefender is like that friend, who reminds you when you forget your smartphone somewhere. No, seriously – the app talks to your smartwatch to tell you that you’re walking too far away from your phone!

The paid version of this app (which you can get a taste of with its 14-day trial) offers other anti-theft features, like real-time protection on Google Chrome.

3 - AVL

Anity AVL is a former winner of the AV-Test (a respected independent antivirus testing outfit) Award for the best protection of mobile devices. Don’t let the word "former” put you off – it goes without saying these folks still know their stuff. This app features an extensive antivirus database as well as a scanner that detects any kind of executable file trying to Ocean’s 11 its way onto your phone. Throw in a call blocker, an anti-phishing programme, and the fact that it is light on your phone’s resources (see: battery life for days!), and I’m running out of reasons NOT to download this app.

4 - McAfee Security and Power Booster Free

Another big name in the antivirus game, you’ve likely encountered McAfee products for your computer. McAfee Security and Power Booster brings that same standard of protection for your personal information to your smartphone. The free version of the app includes the flagship antivirus scanner as well as the option to track a lost device and locking and wiping the device remotely. One particularly cute feature the app offers in the case of a stolen phone is that it will take a photo of the thief. Say cheese, bad guys!

However, the free version of the app forces you to suffer through some obligatory adverts when using the app. But that is a small price to pay when other exciting features include the ability to scan apps to check if they leak sensitive information, block access to potentially malicious websites, and allows you to keep a blacklist of callers/texters/crazy exes you’d rather not hear from.

Phone security

5 - Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Rounding off the trio of top-shelf protection from malware is Kaspersky. This company has been providing stiff competition to major players like Bitdefender on computers and on smartphones. Kaspersky dominates when it comes to malware detection and the app brings its trojan-busting brawn to your smartphone with a 99.99% success rate at picking up on malware on your phone, according to AV-Test’s trials. The free version also blocks malicious sites or links before you click through to them. Better safe than hacked.

And there’s more fun to be had with the paid version! Extra features include an automatic scan, anti-phishing programme, a confidentiality feature, and call and text filtering to act as your phone’s bouncer, so you only connect with people you actually want to talk to.


Final word from Phil: Look after your smartphone and it will look after you.

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