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Top 5 Most Chosen Phone Deals on Phonefinder
13 Nov 16

Top Phones on Phonefinder
Top 5 Cell Phones on Phonefinder

Phonefinder gives South Africa the ability to sift through the thousands of cell phone deals on offer from all five of the cellular networks. The fact that there are over a thousand cell phone options on the market makes it a daunting task to find the best deal to suit your needs, however Phonefinder has proved to be a valuable tool in cutting through the clutter – this year Phonefinder has assisted over 100,000 South African’s in finding their ideal cellular package deal! 

Without any delay let’s get right to it. 

Below are the top 5 cell phones deals as chosen by our Phonefinder visitors in 2016.

#5. Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) 

In at number 6 is Samsung’s signature phone, the Galaxy S6 Edge. At the time of writing this article the Galaxy S7 was gaining popularity, but from a sheer volumes perspective it was the Galaxy S6 which won the sixth position in this list. 

Featuring a curved screen (a feature Samsung played around with and has found tremendous success with) as well as a wide angled selfie camera, an impressive 3GB Ram, 16 MB camera and built in wireless charging. 

Leading the pack in sales was Cell C 

#4. Apple iPhone 6s Plus

It’s no surprise to see Apple’s iPhone on the list of top most chosen phone deals on Phonefinder! Apple has a loyal following as well as a long line of aspiring future Apple members. 

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus comes with 2GB of RAM and an impressive 12-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel front shooter for selfies. The phone is stunning and did not disappoint loyal followers. 

Leading the pack in sales was Vodacom 

#3. Huawei P9 lite 

Huawei has made tremendous strides in gaining the hearts of Phonefinder visitors. This cell phone manufacturer has proven that great quality phones do not have to cost an arm and a leg. The Huawei P9 lite is a shining example. This phone is just stunning. 

It packs an impressive 13mp camera, 3GB RAM, Octa-core, fingerprint sensor and is bundled with some of the most competitive deals on Phonefinder. 

Leading the pack in sales was Cell C 

#2. Samsung Galaxy J5 

Samsung has also proved that price is not always the number one factor when shopping for a cell phone deal (at least not high prices). The Samsung Galaxy J5 is budget dual SIM cell phone from Samsung which offers all the great features which you would expect from Samsung. 

Leading the pack in sales was Telkom 

#1. Huawei Ascend P8 lite 

Back on the list and in at number one is Huawei, again! Huawei has proven that when it comes to offering competitive prices and high quality products that they are to be taken seriously. 

Month after month this year Phonefinder has seen the Huawei P8 lite take the lead in total volume of queried cell phone deal searches. 

The Huawei P8 lite is a fantastic phone which has only recently been superseded by its successor the Huawei P9 lite

Leading the pack in sales was Cell C 

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