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Top Apps to Download this week
25 Oct 15
Phonefinder Top Apps
Trivial Pursuit

Everyone loves to show off their knowledge! Now the the most addictive knowledge game has finally come to your smart phone. Trivial Pursuit lets you duel your wits against your friends or random people around the world. Choose the category which best suits you and battle players around the world.


Waze has always been the best navigation app on the market so why are we writing about it now? Well it’s because Waze just released a new look and some great new features.

Waze has just been revamped, and now the once brilliant app is far more useful and easier to use. Now Waze will sync to your calendar and actually let you know when you need to get moving. One of our complaints about Waze was how much battery power it eats up from your smart phone – but not anymore! Waze now consumer far less battery power than ever before.

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