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Top Free Apps for Android
11 Dec 17

Top Free Apps for Android

Android powered devices seem to be everywhere these days and there are more amazing free apps for them than we can count. Here are some of our app picks for your android device that will make you love it even more. 


We all know apps that run in the background are depleting our battery for no reason since they’re not in use. Short of constantly closing apps all the time, a better solution would be to Greenify them. Greenify puts the apps of your choosing into a sort of hibernation mode and prevents them from consuming battery life unnecessarily. Be careful not to hibernate apps that you’ll need notifications from though like email, best leave those running, because Greenify is already helping preserve your battery life. 


This science-based app will help you build healthy rituals into your life. Developed at a University, with this app you can increase energy levels, lose weight, sleep well and so much more. Using behavioural economics, you’ll be able to identify where you’re getting stuck in life and improve on those aspects. Reprogramming your brain is easy and you’ll soon find that with more time for what matters in life, things will start looking Fabulous! 

VLC for Android 

Ever heard of VLC Media Player? It’s only one of the most capable and trustworthy media players available on PC and now you can take with you in your pocket wherever you go with this app version for Android. You’ll be able to play basically any file type on your android device, from songs to videos, its all easy and very possible with VLC for Android. 


For all the comic book fans out there, new and old, this app is exactly what you’ll need to keep feeding your newfound hobby. Choose from over 100 000 digital comics to read and you might just find some hidden gems you may never have discovered otherwise. But, if you’re the type to stick to what you know, never fear, Comics has the usual favourites from Marvel and DC, so it’s sure to have something for every comic fan. 


Smartphones have all but replaced traditional point and shoot cameras, considering the picture quality that can be produced, throw in an amazing photo editing app and you’re pretty much on your way to becoming a pro in no time. Ok it may not be as easy as that, but with Snapseed you’ll still be churning out top notch edited pictures, thanks to the seemingly endless options at your disposal. Definitely a must have app for all the smartphone photographers and selfie enthusiasts out there. 

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