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Turn Your Cellphone into Your Weight-loss Secret
28 Nov 16

Weight Loss Apps

The three best fitness and health apps for 2016

Your smartphone may just be your best kept weight-loss secret. Meet three of the best fitness and health apps for 2016. It may only be a few days before December, and you may be nowhere near summer-body ready, but it’s never too late to get in shape - especially if you have the help of your smartphone!

Your smartphone is already an extension of your arm, so why not use it to power your workout? Health and fitness apps have finally turned up a notch, and we have narrowed down the top three fitness apps: 

21-Day Shred (Free)
Meet the App that combines just three weeks of tougher workouts. Designed to burn fat and tone muscles (fast). Unlike any of the other apps, this one explains each workout routine, and gives you a diet plan to stick to, ensuring you fuel your body with the right nutrients! 

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7-minute workout (Free)
There are a lot of promising 7-minute workouts on the app store, but none quite like this one. This smart workout builds your fitness level (beginner-intermediate, advanced) and gives you the right intensity to suit your ability, helping you to get through as best as possible. 

Couch to 5k Runner (Free): 
Go from being a couch potato eating pizza to 5km runner in just 8 weeks. This program is designed to help the unfit develop a basic cardio endurance and muscular strength by alternating between walking and running through a very realistic running schedule. 

With a little determination, be it Candice Swanepoel, no matter what kind of fitness, motivation, or daily movement you need to get into those Daisy Dukes… There’s a smartphone with an app that can push you to reach your goals!

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