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“Using a charging phone can make it explode” and 5 other lies
22 Jun 14
Phone Battery
In this article we will explore 6 Phone Charging myths and finally set the records straight. 

Myth: Phil is the result of a freak electrical surge which traveled up a charging cell phone and gave life to Phil
Verdict: Fact.

Myth: Using off-brand chargers destroys cell phone batteries
Verdict: False. Yes; you must avoid knock-offs, Fong-Kong products and Apple chargers that have a peach as a logo at all costs (even if the cost is low). Only brand chargers are made with integrity and quality. However you can use a BlackBerry charger to juice up your Samsung (assuming the ports are compatible).

Myth: You shouldn't use your mobile phone while it charges
Verdict: False. As long as you don’t use a knock-off charger your phone will not explode. Even with a knock-off charger your phone is unlikely to explode (very unlikely).

Myth: Charging your phone overnight kills the battery
Verdict: False. Charge it all you want. Once your phone is fully charged it automatically stops charging even if it’s plugged in.

Myth: You never ever have to turn your phone off
Verdict: False. Truth is that a simple reboot can in fact help prolong battery life. So give your phone a break now and again.

Myth: Don't charge your cellphone until it's completely dead
Verdict: False. Your phone battery actually has a certain number of charge cycles in it. So every "deep” charge uses up a cycle. Therefore it’s better to keep your battery topped up and avoid deep cycles.

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