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Value Added Services: What you never knew your smartphone contract needed
08 Feb 19

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Value Added Services: What you never knew your smartphone contract needed

What if I told you your new smartphone contract could get even cooler? Do you want more data? Cheaper calls? Cover for phone repairs? What if I told you there was a way to get all this and more without having to shop around for a new cell phone provider or deal with the hassle of transferring mid-contract? With Value-Added Services, you can pick and choose the perks of your contract, enjoying value and savings. Check out how Phonefinder can help you get your fill (Phil) of awesome value-added services.

Frequently Asked Questions (because there’s no such thing as a dumb question)

What is a Value-Added Service (VAS)? VAS refers to additional services, which are sold separately to your mobile phone contract. These extra services help you get the most out of your smartphone without having to pay for a whole new contract that may include other services you might not use but are charged for anyway. With VAS, you get to take advantage of great perks on your terms.Who bills you for your VAS? You will never get any bills from Phonefinder, whether for a mobile phone, the use of our awesome website, or your VAS. Our trustee Service Providers will bill you for any of the VAS listed below.Is a VAS required to get a phone contract?Not at all! Rather, a Value-Added Service is a handy-dandy add-on to your new cell phone contract.Can I cancel my VAS? After getting a taste of the VAS life, you probably won’t want to, but if by some slim chance your VAS isn’t doing it for you, you can cancel your VAS by following the cancellation procedures for the specific VAS offering listed below. Alternatively, you can make your cancellation our job. Send a request through to info@phonefinder.co.za and we’ll sort out your cancellation for you.

VAS Offerings

Always Connect: Save on your data 

Brought to you by www.unitedconnect.co.za

When friends are many and data is scarce, United Connect keeps you connected with exclusive access to data and mobile calling rates. Read your emails on the go, do your shopping online, and make that data call to your mate overseas – United Connect has got you covered! Home is where the WiFi connects, and with United Connect, you can feel at home at over 2,200 WiFi hotspots located throughout South Africa. All you have to do is:· Turning on your devices WiFi· Looking out for the "AlwaysOn” network option· Signing in with your Always Connect detailsThe struggle for #DataMustFall gets even easier when you download the AlwaysOn WiFi App for a more automated experience. You’ll never have to worry about your data abruptly cutting out on you ever again. Get in touch with United Connect on their Assistance line, 0872 38 00 05, and get connected with a great VAS to boost your data.


LULA Mobile: Save on your calls 

Brought to you by www.unitedconnect.co.za

As with your data, United Connect keeps you gabbing with its unique solution that allows you to call whoever you like, on any network, all day every day, for prices you won’t believe! And it gets better:· Signing up is easy, and there’s no need for RICA or other administrative straight jackets· LULA Mobile offers call rates as low as 27c per minute, if used in conjunction with Always Connect· Even if you’re not part of Always Connect, you can still make calls for just 54c per minute to any network, anytime!Calls can be made via the Lula Mobile app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or simply dial the unique short code followed by the number you want to call as normal. Connect with United Connect on their Assistance line, 0872 38 00 05, and find out how you can blah-blah more for less ka-ching.


PhoneVault: Protecting the personal information on your smartphone 

Brought to you by www.phonevault.co.za

As the fun fact goes, there is more computing power in a person’s cell phone, than there was in the computer that put the United States’ rocket on the moon in the ‘60s. We carry our lives on these mean machines, from our contacts and work emails, to music and photos. PhoneVault helps you to protect this very important data by providing a comprehensive back-up solution. This invaluable VAS allows you to· Backup and restore your data across different devices as well as between different mobile operating systems· You get to choose exactly what data you would like to back up and what data you would like to restore· Because it’s all cloud based, you can do it from anywhere as long as you have a connection The Phone Vault app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and for any assistance you can contact the customer service department at support@phonevault.co.za.


Save on Phones

UniRewards: Vouchers to save you money for the things that matter

Brought to you by www.unirewards.co.za

Live the high life with UniRewards, powered by RandGo. With this unusual VAS, you can make your rand go further with rewards from some of the leading retailers and service providers in South Africa. Think of it as a mall (without the awkward eye-contact with strangers) that fits in your pocket.· Access rewards from some of the leading retailers and service providers in South Africa· With tools like the Savings Calculator, you will know exactly how much UniRewards is helping you save each month· UniRewards is more than just a virtual mall, keeping you up to date on all the latest news and sports· You also have the opportunity to get social and meet like-minded people at this smartphone mall Sign up for this exciting initiative with UniRewards and spoil yourself today.



Final word from Phil: At Phonefinder, we are always looking for the best phone contract deals for you from only the most trusted service providers. A big part of this mission is going that extra mile to make sure you get a little extra on your mobile phone contract. Value-Added Services are just that – that extra something to help you get the very best out of your phone contract! Get in touch with any of the above VAS providers or hit us up on info@phonefinder.co.zaor on social media for more information.

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