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Value Added Services Explained
07 Sep 17
Value Added Services Explained


Phonefinder wants to be the most helpful service on the internet (at least when it comes to cellular in South Africa), and in an attempt to do that we have partnered with a few Service Providers who offer what we think are amazing Smartphone Value Added Services. 


What is a Value-Added Service (VAS)? 

VAS refers to additional services which are sold separately to your cell phone plan. We have found a selection of VAS products which will enhance your cell phone experience, from giving you unlimited music to listen to, to ensuring that you are always connected to a free WiFi signal. 

Why does Phonefinder offer VAS? 

Phonefinder wants you get the most out of your new contract Smartphone. Therefore we have partnered with some of South Africa’s most trusted value-added service providers. What’s more is that Phonefinder secures you an exclusive discount for many VAS products (see below). 

Who bills you for VAS? 

Phonefinder will never bill you for anything, be it a cell phone product, the use of the Phonefinder website or VAS. Our trusted Service Providers will bill you for VAS, but only if you purchase one of the below products. 

Is VAS required to get a cell phone contract? 

No. VAS is only an enhancing feature for your current or future phone. It is not a requirement to get a new cell phone contract. 

Can I cancel VAS? 

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your VAS product please follow the cancellation procedure for the specific product (details below). Or email info@phonefinder.co.za with a description of the product you signed up for (we will cancel the product for you) 

The Offers 


Tech Protect (Mobile Protection Plan)
VAS: Smartest insurance for your Smartphone (new or old) 
Brought to you by www.theunlimited.co.za 

Life would be pretty unbearable without your Smartphone, right? That’s why The Unlimited has launched Tech Protect. This asset protection plan secures you against damage to your Smartphone whether by accident or water damage. 

    • You get cover up to the value of R60 000 in repair costs
    • If your phone cannot be repaired, not to worry, it will be replaced with a brand new phone within 48hrs
    • If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, should your phone fall victim to the dreaded cracked screen, the plan also covers screen repairs, up to R10 000. 

The pricing for Tech Protect depends on the make and model of the phone you would like to cover. If you would like a quote or have some questions you’d like answered, get in touch with The Unlimited on 0861 990 000 and one of their friendly agents will happily assist you. 

Cancellations: 0861 990 000 


Always Connect 
VAS: Save on Data 
Brought to you by www.unitedconnect.co.za 

United Connect brings you amazing and exclusive access to data and mobile calling rates. Whether it's shopping online, reading emails or simply making a call - United Connect gives you everything you need. Always Connect is your key to the World Wide Web without any mobile data, airtime or extra hardware needed. With over 2200 Wifi hot spots situated all over South Africa, you’re covered. Just step into one of the many Wifi hot spots nationwide and you can start browsing away! To get surfing with Always Connect, it’s as easy as:

    • Turning on your devices Wifi
    • Looking out for the "AlwaysOn” network option
    • Signing in with your Always Connect details

You can also make it even easier by downloading the AlwaysOn WiFi App for an automated experience. 

Cancellations: 0873302308 


LULA Mobile 
VAS: Save on Voice 
Brought to you by www.unitedconnect.co.za 

This amazing VAS product is also brought to you by United Connect and is a unique solution that allows you to call whoever you like, on any network, at rates which cannot be beaten.

    • Signing up is simple and doesn’t require RICA or any other administrative tasks
    • LULA Mobile offers members call rates as low as 27c per minute if used in conjunction with Always Connect
    • If not, then just 54c per minute to any network, anytime! 

Calls can be made via the Lula Mobile app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or simply dial the unique short code followed by the number you want to call as normal. 

If these offers sound like they’re right up your alley or if you still have some questions, get in touch with United Connect on their Assistance line: 0872 38 00 05. 

Cancellations: 0873302308 


VAS: Smart Phone Security 
Brought to you by www.phonevault.co.za
PhoneVault is a subscription based app that provides a complete mobile backup solution. With this easy to use app, you can:

    • Backup and restore your data across different devices as well as between different mobile operating systems
    • The choice is yours, so you decide exactly what data you would like to back up and what data you would like to restore
    • Because it is all cloud based, you can do it from anywhere as long as you have a connection. 

PhoneVault can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and for any assistance you can contact the customer service department at support@phonevault.co.za 

Cancellations: 0873302308 


VAS: Voucher Savings 
Brought to you by: www.unirewards.co.za 

Powered by RandGo, UniRewards is a web based mall that lets members save money while enjoying all the nice things that life has to offer.

    • Members can access rewards from some of the leading retailers and service providers in South Africa
    • You will be spoilt for choice as a member of this amazing initiative
    • With tools like the Savings Calculator you will know exactly how much UniRewards is helping you save monthly and even yearly
    • More than just a virtual mall though, UniRewards will keep you up to date on all the latest news and sports
    • Also gives you the opportunity to get social and meet like-minded people at the mall too 

Cancellations: 0873302308

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