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24 Aug 15

Solid Battery Cell Phone

"My phone battery lasts forever” is a phrase you don’t hear too often – or ever. Most cell phone batteries promise a life of over 12 hours, but as we all know that time is quickly halved once you start to actually use the device. WiFi, syncing, emails, talk time – these are all things which we need form our phones, yet they are the same things that drain the battery.

So either we change the way we use our cell phones or we need a solution. Lucky for us a solution seems to be just around the corner in the form of a solid state battery.

The science is a little baffling – however the simple explanation is that a solid electrolyte (our batteries are now in liquid form) could greatly improve the life time of a fully charged. What’s more is that this concept would allow for a significant boost in the amount of power stored in a given space – meaning that either our phones will be thinner and therefore lighter, or our battery sizes won’t change and the life time of a fully charged battery will be just remarkable!

There is hope yet for a 12 hour lasting battery.

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