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We Won't Need Keyboards Where Wer'e Going
27 Jan 15

Cell Phone Keyboard

Your smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices are getting increasingly familiar with you. Learning your habits, your voice your needs – so much so that you often don’t even need to type a thing to get the results you want.

Wake up in the morning and your cell phone has the weather, the traffic and your news of interest ready for you. No need to type a thing, a simple tap on your touch screen will do. Of course this is only true with a smart phone and a good data contract deal (otherwise the convenience will end up costing a bundle).

All mobile device manufacturers (well the operating systems they utilise) are equipped to do away with the keyboard as we know it. Combining your GPS, camera, gyroscope and microphone is now enough to make any communication or search query possible.

However the keyboard is deeply rooted in our behavior towards communicating with devices – the keyboard hasn't considerably changed in over 31 years (that may seem like no time at all, however think about the giant leaps in technology in just the last 5 years!). True, the keyboard has adopted some really cool features, shrunk and grown in size, morphed into ergonomic shapes and some have even attempted new non QWERTY experiments – however essentially your grandmother will still feel familiar with it.

Apple’s Siri, Google’s Voice Search, Microsoft’s Cortana and other voice recognition technologies may be the path towards a keyboard-less world. However voice is just the beginning because your phone is learning you. That means that you will start seeing important information on your phone before you even need to tap that keyboard.

Get ready to interact with your phone as if it were a human because there might not be keyboards where were going.

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