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Weekly Spotlight on Apps
16 Nov 14
Phone Apps Review
Have a look at the Apps which Phil has decided make his "Favorite App List".

4 December 2014:

Name: Boggle
Category: Puzzle Game
Description: Search for words in this mind game. Boggle is fun, addictive and stimulating - so you won't go mind-dead over the upcoming December holidays. Challenge friends, unlock power-ups and test your skills with multiple scenarios.
Why: It's addictive. It's fun. It's educational.

Boggle App

21 November 2014:

Name: Jump Jump Ninja
Category: Arcade Style Game
Description: Jump your way to success while avoiding fire breathing dragons, arrows and other dangerous obstacles.
Why: It's addictive. It's fun. It has ninjas!

14 November 2014:

Name: Alien Creeps TD
Category: Strategy Game
Description: Aliens have arrive, and they did not come in peace! It is up to you to save Earth. This tower defense game is unlike others you have played before and it will keep you occupied for hours on end.
Why: We could not put this game away, so much fun!

04 November 2014:
Name: djay 2
Category: Music and Audio
Description: This app transforms your Android Phone into a mini DJ booth. Mix your favourite songs and playlists instantly. Impress your friends, make new friends and simply rock out.
Why: It’s so much fun. It will rekindle your love affair for your Android smart phone.


djay 2 app android

24 October 2014:
Name: Baton
Category: App Organisation
Description: Still in the making this app will finally bridge the gap between all your devices running the same apps. For instance, imagine playing Angry Birds on your phone and then later that day using your tablet to complete the same level you left off at. Baton works in the background and syncs all your apps.
Why: This is revolutionary. We always switch from one device to the next, now there is a way to sync your apps.


24 October 2014:
Name: Angry Birds Transformers
Category: Gaming
Description: Look out for this gaming app arriving soon to both iOS and Android. The game is much the same as regular Angry Birds except this time you can choose to use characters from your favorite Transformers.
Why: Simply because Transformers are cool and Angry Birds is fun. This is a fun and cool game!

Angry Birds Transformers

15 October 2014:
Name: Pennies
Category: Personal budgeting
Description: Pennies is a smartphone app that tracks your spending and allows you to track and manage your personal finances with incredible ease. Pennies is easy and fun - which is important when managing your boring finances.
Why: Phonefinder is all about saving you time by listing all deals on one website. By finding the best deal you end up saving money - so why not promote an app that helps you save even more.

10 October 2014:
Name: Horizon
Category: Video Photography
Description: This app is great. It makes every video horizontal, no matter how you hold your phone. No more frustrating "upside down" videos, no more tilting your head to watch your friend's clips. This app fixes all of that.
Why: Simple, tilting your head to watch a video is just silly and frustrating.

3 October 2014:
Name: Airbnb
Category: Travel
Description: Airbnb lets you list your living space (room, house, flat or apartment) to travelers looking for a great deal. With over 450 000 listings and growing, Airbnb is the ideal way to book your accommodation. Operating in over 34 000 cities.
Why: Phil recently booked his Cape Town vacation and scored a brilliant apartment for the fraction of the cost a hotel would cost.

24 September 2014:
Name: AVAST Software
Category: Mobile Security & Antivirus
Description: This anti-virus software secures your Android device against unwanted phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as Trojans.
Why: It’s totally free and secures your phone from nasty viruses.

AVAST Security

3 September 2014:
Name: Don't Tap the White
Category: Game
Description: This game is addictive. It seems easy enough but give it a go and you will see why many hours later you will still be trying to achieve a higher score.
Why: It had Phil occupied for over 3 hours.

Don't Tap The White Tile

3 September 2014:
Name: SpinMe Alarm Clock
Category: Alarm Clock
Description: If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning then Spin Me Alarm clock is just the thing you need. There is no "snooze”, there is no "off” - the only way to make the "buzzing” stop is to get up and spin around while the phone in your hand.
Why: Simply because it’s creative and designed with Phil in mind.

SpinMe Alarm Clock

3 September 2014:
Name: Moment
Category: Personal Planner
Description: "Moment” will track your daily smart phone use and shout at you when you've been on for too long.
Why: Moment will help eliminate the "mindless time” you spend on your phone so that you can spend more time outside and enjoying Spring.

Moments App

20 August 2014:
Name: Swarm
Category: Social (Geo-location social interaction)
Description: From the creators of Foursquare. Swarm allows you to keep up with your friends by seeing whose nearby or whose been where you are (or are going).
Why: It's the new hip way of staying social. Want to keep up with the flow? - then get Swarm :)

20 August 2014:
Name: Humin
Category: Organisation (Phone Contacts)
Description: This app organises your smart phone contacts in a new and revolutionary way - by relevance! Depending on the time of day, your current Facebook status or your most recent voice-mail; Humin will recommend who you want to contact.
Why: While only available on the iPhone, Humin will pave the way for future "standard" contact options on cell phones.

13 August 2014:
Name: Over
Category: Photography
Description: There is no wonder why this app has already received over 9 million downloads. Over makes your pictures more exciting and fun by allowing you to add images and text to your momentous pictures.
Why: Because it's fun to use and was developed in South Africa :)

Over App

6 August 2014:
Name: RunKeeper
Category: Fitness Tracker
Description: This one is for the fitness guys and girls. RunKeeper was voted by LifeHack as 2012's best Running App. You will see why when you use it. Track your runs, walks, bike rides, training workouts and all of the other fitness activities using the GPS in your smart phone.
Why: It's just so simple. Love it.

23 July 2014:
Category: Social (Live streaming videos)
Description: The social live-streaming website which Google recently bought for $1 Billion. Share game-play live, just like a live football (soccer) game. Visit their mobi site for amazing video on your smart phone.
Why: Well Google bought it for $1 Billion.

16 July 2014:
Name: Awkward
Category: Social (Confession)
Description: If you have a deep dark secret weighing down on your chest then this app is for you. Record blurred video confessions of yourself on your cell phone and share it with the World.
Why: This is a fun way to confess your shames, sins and naughty stories.

16 July 2014:
Name: Snapchat
Category: Social (chatting)
Description: Now with video chatting. Snapchat is the social image service that has taken the world by storm. The idea is simple, take a picture (snap), add a message and share it with your friends (chat). Once they have a look the image disappears for all time.
Why: It's just a lot of fun.

9 July 2014:
Name: Yo, Hodor
Category: Social (chatting)
Description: This is of course a spin off spoof app of Yo (the social media service that lets you say "Yo" to your friends, and nothing else). Now you can say "Hodor" to your friends. Game of Throne fans might love this.
Why: While saying "Yo" to your friends is cool, saying "Hodor" is cooler.

2 July 2014:
Name: Color Genius - L'Oréal Paris
Category: Lifestyle
Description: This ones purely for the ladies. Accessorize your make-up with your outfit with this handy app. This is the app of the future; today! Your own virtual mirror that lets users "try out” different makeup looks and styles.
Why: Sure; it's an app designed to push L'Oréal products, but it's still pretty clever.

25 June 2014:
Name: Yo
Category: Social (chatting)
Description: Yo is the crazy new social "chatting" app that lets you send the word "yo" to your friends. Well that's not entirely accurate, you can also send the word "YoYo" to your friends.
Why: Yo topped Facebook's SlingShot on iOS. Yo received a $1million funding from Angel Investors. Yo is ranked in the top 50 apps on Apple's app store (at time of writing). For these ridiculous reasons we decided to admit that Yo is this weeks most incredible app.

18 June 2014:
Name: Uber
Category: Service (Transportation)
Description: Uber is your private driver in more than 130 cities and 30 countries. Request, ride, and pay via your mobile phone.
Why: Simply because Uber has revolutionised a service that has been stagnant for too long. Uber's rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer.

9 June 2014:
Name: QuizUp
Category: Game
Description: The World's largest trivia game.
Why: Being ranked number 1 on Google Play in over 6 countries it's no wonder why QuizUp makes our list today. Challenge your friends and connect with other players around the globe.

2 June 2014:
Name: Clash of Clans
Category: Game
Description: Crush enemy clans in epic battles
Why: Well, you get to build your village, train your troops and battle with millions of other players online.Clash of Clans is an epic combat strategy game that will have you on your phone for hours.

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