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What does it mean to be Blacklisted?
29 Sep 13

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Blacklisted - a public list where people with bad credit records are recorded.

In other words it means that you have a negative credit profile. Maybe you haven’t worked for long enough or that you switch jobs too often (being employed for 2 months and then switching employment for even a higher paying job may play against your credit score). Your credit score is also affected if you don’t have a credit card or if you don’t have an open account with a store.

If you have been Blacklisted then you will not be able to obtain credit. This goes for a home loan, opening a clothing account or obtaining a cell phone contract.

Blacklisted and need a cell phone contract?

Being Blacklisted does not mean that you cannot obtain a cell phone contract; it just means that you will have to approach the correct service providers.

There are Service Providers who will structure a cell phone contract in such a way that the risk to them is lower than other Service Providers. You may not be able to get the latest smartphone on the market, but you will be connected to the world without having to pay expensive pay-as-you-go bills.

How can Phonefinder help?

Phonefinder tries to list as many Blacklist Service Providers as possible. We know that your phone is an absolute necessity for you and being Blacklisted should not stop you from being connected to friends, family and social networks. If you are not accepted by the Service Provider listing the deal you selected then we will pass your details onto a Blacklist Service Provider who will contact you with the best solution

How can I avoid being Blacklisted?

Pay your accounts on time. If you are unable to then it is very important to contact your debtor (bank, cell phone service provider, clothing store) and ask them to give you an extension for your repayment.

Open an account with a clothing store or shop. Build a positive credit profile by paying your bills on time.

How do I know if I am Blacklisted?

When applying for a cell phone contract you will be told by your Service provider, however consumers also have the right to one free credit report a year. So contact any of the credit bureaus that are registered with the NCR.


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