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What information is encoded in your ID number?
24 Dec 13

As online shopping becomes more popular in South Africa we as a Nation will need to become more trusting when handing over our ID numbers. Your ID number contains important information which is important to online shopping sites (or comparative shopping sites such as Phonefinder).

Why is your ID number important?

Your ID proves that you are who you say you are and it allows pre-vetting to occur before an agent calls you back. Phonefinder requests that you provide your ID number when requesting a call-back; the information is shared only with the appropriate Service Provider who, like Phonefinder, adhere to the Consumer Protection Act.

Phonefinder requires your ID number so that Cell Phone Service Providers such as Nashua Mobile or Altech Cellular can conduct credit scoring tests prior to calling you back. They will then use your ID number to confirm your identity so that they can sell you a cell phone contract over the phone.

The question you should be asking:

"What information is encoded in my ID number anyway?”

The information locked in your ID number:

Birth date: Your birthdate is revealed by the first six numbers YYMMDD

Gender: Your gender is revealed next by the four numbers after your birthdate. 5000 and above is male and below 5000 is female.

Country: The next number is the country ID. 0 is South Africa and 1 is not.

Nothing: The second last number means nothing, it used to be a racial identifier, but we have come a long way since then.

Verification: The last number is a number check which confirms the preceding numbers but reveals no information about you.

Phil’s ID number: 820715 5645 0 4 6

South African ID Number

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