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What is the best Phone Operating System (OS)?
29 Sep 13

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Understanding Mobile phone software (OS) is an important step in selecting the perfect cellular solution.

Mobile phone software, or mobile phones Operating Systems, play an important role in selecting your next smartphone.

Smartphone makers are constantly battling it out in the market to create the smartest smartphone. The next model will have more storage, faster processing speed more camera megapixels and longer lasting battery. However it’s Operating System (OS) that makes the biggest difference to your everyday use.

Cell phones are not like your standard computer, although you will agree that they are very close. For instance how often do you check your social news on your phone versus your computer? Or where do you mostly view your emails?

While the gap between cell phone and computer functionality is closing in, the two devices will always be somewhat different.

Your phone will influence your lifestyle more so than a computer. So let’s face it, a mobile phone OS is even more important than your computer OS. Unlike a computer your phone is with you all the time, it’s out there for everyone to see and because it determines the choice of apps and phone functionality the OS is probably the most important decision you are going to make when choosing your next phone..

So, what’s the best mobile phone OS: Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry or Unix-like Ubuntu?

Unfortunately we cannot help. It is next to impossible to give a definitive list of OS features, and since an OS is a lifestyle decision it is you who needs to make the decision.

Tip: decide on what applications you will most likely download and make sure that your next phone’s OS is able to support them.


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