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What Was Cell C Thinking?
23 Jun 15
Cell C Deals

Are you tired of being taken advantage of? This was the question Cell C posed to South Africa in its latest advert. However the nature of the advert caused many viewers to complain. Why? Well the advert featured a dog humping a man’s leg. Many would argue that the ad is just pure genius and funny, others clearly felt that it was crude and not suitable for TV.

To be fair there are many more "offensive” sights on TV; Game of Thrones being just one of them (although we must state that we at Phonefinder are die-hard Game of Throne fans!). The point is that South Africa is diverse and that while some see a fun advert with not-so-subtle connotations about the state of the cell phone market in South Africa, others see an offensive and crude advert which may not be suitable for children.

The fact is that the Cell C advert "are you tired of being taken advantage of?” has been watched over 140,497 times and has been liked on Facebook more than 1000 times – but what do you think?

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