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WhatsApp Can Ban You
29 Jan 15


WhatsApp has banned users who have been using third party applications, which goes against its terms and conditions.

Unauthorised third party apps such as WhatsApp+ (a really silly name for any company not owned by WhatsApp or Facebook because it is an obvious target for a cease and desist) are being shut down.

Before you accuse WhatsApp of being bully you need to understand their reasoning. Third part apps do not guarantee the safety of you data – in fact they are most likely collecting your data and passing it onto third parties.

WhatsApp has however also gone the extra mile and has banned users of these third party apps. A ban can last as long as 24 hours, during which time these users tend to express their aggravation on other social media sites such as Twitter.

Moral of the story – don’t download unauthorized apps on your smart phone, not only are they dangerous to your privacy and data, but they can get you banned from the original app.

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