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Who is Virgin Mobile South Africa?
12 Sep 14
Virgin Mobile South Africa

Who is Virgin Mobile South Africa?

You've heard of Sir Richard Brandon and the Virgin Group right? That’s that funky group that runs businesses ranging from record labels to airliners, from gymnasium to banking.

Well Virgin Mobile is Virgin’s venture into cell phone service providing.

But what exactly is Virgin Mobile South Africa (VMSA) and why don’t we see any VMSA cell phone towers?

VMSA is a MVNO partnership with Cell C. An MVNO is a service operator who re-sells another Networks packages and essentially shares a Network’s spectrum.

The reason you don’t see any VMSA towers is because Virgin Mobile is what’s called a "mobile virtual network operator” or MVNO and you do see towers all over the place – they just happen to belong to Cell C.

Virgin Mobile South Africa opened its doors in 2006 and continues to operate in many other countries such as: Australia, Canada, France, India, Poland, UK, USA and Latin America.

Virgin Mobile South Africa offers a tighter range of deals in the drive to provide an easier to understand spectrum of phone contract offerings. Their brand range include Huawei, LG, Nokia and Samsung and their talk plans offer flexible airtime, data and SMS.

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