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Your Phone Has More Bacteria than a Toilet Seat
09 Jun 15
Cell Phone Germs

Ever wondered just how filthy your mobile phone is? Chances are you haven’t otherwise you would likely not ever use a phone again. The answer is of course, taking the title of the article as a cue, very filthy. The fact is that your phone has more bacteria than a toilet seat (of course it depends on the toilet seat, but assume that we are talking about a clean looking toilet seat). 

You may be asking "How can this be?”, but think about it; during any given day you touch many dirty things. From shopping trolleys to door handles to toilet seats – you touch many dirty things during a given day, but how often do you clean your hands before taking a call? We hope the answer is never otherwise you may suffer from Mysophobia (the fear of being contaminated by germs). You can’t possibly clean your hands before every text or call, it’s just not realistic. 

The problem is that bacteria love warmth and your phone battery creates the perfect warm breeding ground for bacteria. That’s right; bacteria not only live on your phone – they breed on your phone! 

That means that your phone has even better breeding conditions for bacteria than an average toilet seat (remember that our toilet seat is clean, we are not comparing your phone to the public toilet seat after a big game at Ellis Park Stadium). In fact there are 18 times more bacteria on your phone than an average toilet seat. 

Would you place your face on a toilet seat? Hope not, but your phone, we are sorry to say has more germs on it than a toilet seat. 

Still don’t believe us? Think about where your phone has been today, when last did you clean your pocket or handbag, where was your phone charging last night or when last was the desk it is on now washed? 

Smart phones with touch displays are not exempt, bacteria are tiny, so tiny in fact that the tiniest crevice is as good as a palace. Studies have found colonies of streptococcus, staphylococcus and diphtheroids on people's cell phones. While those might be hard to pronounce names it still doesn’t hide the fact that they may be living on your cell phone in between the crack of your smartphone’s action button and glass screen. 

Before you throw your smart phone out the window we should add: don’t panic, many of the bacteria are relatively harmless and nothing that your immune system can’t handle. However the bacteria may lead to an unnecessary bout of the cold or even a spurt of acne. So it is necessary to know what is happening in the colony on your phone, and how to control it. 

Controlling the bacteria colony on your phone is easy; the best suggestion is to buy a cleaning kit from your local tech-store. Try refrain from using any sort of alcohol, ammonia, or harsh cleaning agent on touch screens (you will regret it).


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