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Your Phone May Soon Be Up For Ransom
09 Mar 15
cell phone security

Hackers love you and your smartphone. Want to know why? Well you are easy pickings for ransom. 

Most cell phones are left vulnerable by their owners and this has caused a recent boom in cyber-criminals who target your smart phone – mainly Android users. 

Fifteen years ago cyber-criminals attacked personal computers, now they are after your cell phone -which in effect is just a little computer in your pocket. Only your cell phone is always on, always connected and has far more personal information than any other device you have ever possessed. Think about it, your phone has your banking details, your Facebook, Twitter, Email and any other password you can think of. It stores your personal (and in some cases risqué) pictures. 

If you are like most users in a recent Kaspersky study, then you are unlikely to take action against an attack on your phone (28% of users seem to ignore the risks). 


Over 80% of the cell phone market is owned by Google Android. That is where cyber-criminals are focusing their attention, and they have one thing on mind it seems – to ransom your phone. 

Recently attackers stole sensitive information from a gay dating app in Britain. The hackers hoped that they could ransom images and text conversations to the users without the users reporting the attack to the authorities. 

This sort of attack is on the rise. Hopefully soon cell phone manufacturers will be showing off the security functions of their new devices alongside other new gimmicky features.


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