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Your Smartphone is Handier Than You Think
29 Sep 17

5 Ways Your Smartphone is Handier Than You Think

Handy Smartphone Tips
Smartphones have brought with them a pretty cool feature, apps. These apps broaden our horizon so much, with an app for just about anything. Besides games and pictures, your Smartphone can help to turn you into a pretty handy individual, so here’s just a tip of that iceberg. 

Get your DIY on 

Remember those long, typically yellow sticks with a section in the middle that contained a "bubble” and markings, that serve as a guide for how level a surface or object is? Well, there’s an app for that and your phone can do the job for you quite well, so head over to your app store the next time you’re feeling handy around the house with some DIY. 

Become a Treasure Hunter 

If your smartphone has a magnetic sensor then you could be well on your way to hunting for treasure. Using an app, your smartphone can effectively become a metal detector. If treasure hunting isn’t your thing, then you can use your metal detecting, app enabled smartphone, to find wires and wall studs, so you can avoid any costly mistakes when getting hands on with some DIY around the house. 

Battery Checker 

Ever tried to use a remote only to have nothing happen? It could just be that the batteries are low, so before frustration takes over and you find yourself turning into the incredible hulk, just test the batteries with your smartphone. All you have to do is open your camera, switch to your front facing camera, aim the remote at the camera lens and press any button. If you see a flickering light then the batteries are fine, a dim light means the batteries will soon need replacing and no light at all means the batteries are dead and need replacing. 

Math Problem Solver

Smartphones come with all kinds of great features that are simple but effective. Take the calculator for example, it’s awesome to have available when you need to quickly work out some simple addition or subtraction, but what if you need to take it a step further, let’s say with Algebra? Whatever the reason, you can with an app called Photomath (Android, iOS). Simply take a picture of the math problem and the app will work the answer for you. Afterwards you can go through step by step, to see how the problem was solved. 

Car Diagnostics Tool 

Want to be more hands on with your car, how it works and why that light on your dashboard has come on and won’t go off? Well you can with your smartphone, a car diagnostics app and an OBD II Bluetooth adapter. Simply locate your car’s OBD2 port and plug in the adapter, then use the app on your smartphone to read the results of the scan, turn off error messages and much more. Just be sure to read up on the error codes or alternatively use the information you get to brief your mechanic and sound more knowledgeable. Whatever works best for you!

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