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Top 5 Most Chosen Deals
Top 5 Most Chosen Phone Deals on Phonefinder

Phonefinder has conducted over 100,000 cell phone deal searches in 2016. Find out which phones made the top 5 most chosen deals on Phonefinder.


What if no one calls you?
What if No One Calls You?

Phonefinder is a free to use comparison website which puts you in touch with the Network. Our main aim is to make sure that you find a cell phone deal as quickly as possible.

However as you know our Networks are not always quick to call. If you are still waiting for a call please re-visit your order confirmation email and click the call-me-back button.

Blacklisted? Unable to get a Cell Phone Deal?

Click here to visit our debt consolidation service. We will put you in touch with DebtSafe, (South Africa’s favourite debt review company). They will assist you with clearing your blacklist status.

Click here to visit our low-credit cell phone deals. Through our partners we are able to list cell phone deals which are on offer at one of the lowest credit requirements in the market

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Latest News
Latest News Articles

Come check out the latest in cell phone news. We aren’t winning Pulitzer Prizes, but we think we are entertaining at the very least!

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Value added services
VAS – Just in Case we can Offer Even More Value

We have partnered with some exciting cellular related services who offer some awesome added services for you.

VAS on offer:
  1. We will offer you additional cheap-as-chips data
  2. Screen protect (say goodbye to phone insurance!)
  3. 2-for-1 Dining (and movies)
  4. Professional medical assistance at your fingertips
  5. And more!
Our VAS page is on the way, in the meantime click here and we will know to call

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